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Ferm Kinderopvang simplifies payments and increases customer satisfaction with Unifiedpost

The Belgian Ferm Kinderopvang is part of Ferm. A connecting network that makes people feel involved, at any point in life. With a decisive vision of social issues. With a wide range of activities and services. Ferm provides quality home care, household help and child care, also when your child is ill. Our goal? To bring more balance, quality and fun into life.

Ferm Kinderopvang offers quality care for children aged 0 to 12. You can visit childminders, nurseries and out-of-school childcare in your neighborhood. For companies, there is a holiday care offer during the summer.

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The challenge

Ferm Kinderopvang has long been a valued customer of Unifiedpost. Thanks to Unifiedpost's Channel solution, invoices for their childcare services are already sent efficiently via email or paper mail.

But Ferm Kinderopvang faced a new challenge: how could they further improve their customers' payment experience? The goal was clear - simplify payments and offer customers more convenience when settling their invoices.

The solution

To meet this challenge, Ferm Kinderopvang decided to take their long-standing partnership with Unifiedpost to the next level. They chose to combine the Channel solution with Unifiedpost's Payment solution. As a result, all of Ferm Kinderopvang's sales invoices will be equipped with a new feature: QR codes on printed invoices. In addition, a digital payment button will be added to all invoices sent via email. This ensures a seamless payment experience for Ferm Kinderopvang customers.

The benefits

This strategic move has benefited Ferm Kinderopvang in several ways:

  • Effortless payment experience: With the addition of QR codes on printed invoices and digital payment buttons in emails, Ferm Kinderopvang customers enjoy an effortless payment experience. They do not have to enter data manually, which reduces the risk of errors and speeds up the payment process.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Ferm Kinderopvang has pushed customer satisfaction to new heights by making paying invoices easier and more convenient.
  • Increased efficiency: The automated billing and payment process has helped Ferm Kinderopvang significantly increase its operational efficiency. This allows them to use their resources more effectively and focus on providing high-quality services.
  • Time savings: Ferm Kinderopvang saves valuable time and resources by eliminating manual payment processing. This enables them to pay more attention to their customer's needs and improve their services.
  • Reliability and security: Ferm Kinderopvang can always rely on Unifiedpost's secure and reliable payment solution. This strengthens the confidence of both Ferm Kinderopvang and their customers in the payment process.


Ferm Kinderopvang has extended its partnership with Unifiedpost to optimise the payment experience for its childcare services.

By linking the Channel solution with Unifiedpost's Payment solution, they can now add QR codes to printed invoices and digital payment buttons to emails, giving customers a seamless payment experience.

This move has not only increased customer satisfaction, but also improved Ferm Kinderopvang's operational efficiency, saved time and resources, and Ferm Kinderopvang can continue to rely on Unifiedpost as a partner in their mission to enrich lives.

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