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Streamlining Sales Invoicing, Delivery, and Payments

Renewi, the leading international waste-to-product company, is dedicated to transform waste streams into valuable resources. They offer innovative solutions, including recycling, recovery, and energy conversion. Committed to environmental sustainability, Renewi assists organizations in various industries to reduce waste and achieve their sustainability goals. Renewi minimizes environmental impact and promotes a circular economy. Their dedication to innovation and collaboration drives positive change in the industry, working towards a sustainable future.

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The challenge

Renewi, a trusted and long-standing partner of Unifiedpost since 2011, had successfully optimized their sales invoicing and delivery processes over the years by leveraging our Channel solution.

However, as Renewi continued to prioritize customer-centricity and sought to enhance their overall invoicing experience, they recognized the importance of further refining the payment process. They aimed to provide a seamless and convenient payment experience, not only for their company but also for their customers. Timely and efficient invoice generation and delivery were still critical to avoid any delays, maintain a healthy cash flow, and ensure continued customer satisfaction.

By addressing this challenge, Renewi aimed to streamline their payment processes, reduce potential payment delays, and enhance the overall satisfaction of their customers. They sought a solution that would facilitate convenient and secure payment options, promoting smoother transactions and fostering stronger customer relationships.

The solution

To address these challenges, Renewi chose our comprehensive payment solution. The integration of the Unifiedpost payment button on Renewi's invoices has provided a transformative solution to their payment challenges. This feature enables customers to conveniently make payments directly from the invoices they receive, eliminating the need for additional steps or manual processes. By offering a seamless and efficient payment experience, Renewi has successfully streamlined their payment processes, reducing delays and improving cash flow.

The inclusion of the payment button has significantly improved the overall satisfaction of Renewi's customers. They can now make payments swiftly and securely with just a few clicks, saving time and effort. This enhanced convenience not only fosters positive customer experiences but also strengthens customer relationships.

The benefits

  • Improved Cash Flow: The Unifiedpost payment button streamlines payment processes, reducing delays and improving Renewi's cash flow management.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers can make payments swiftly and securely with just a few clicks, fostering positive experiences and strengthening relationships.
  • Time and Effort Savings: The payment button eliminates additional steps and manual processes, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Strengthened Payment Security: Conducting transactions through a trusted platform ensures the security of sensitive financial information, instilling confidence in customers and reinforcing Renewi's reliability.


Renewi's journey toward optimizing their operations is an ongoing commitment. By incorporating the Unifiedpost payment button into their invoicing process, they have achieved tangible benefits such as improved cash flow management, heightened customer satisfaction, time-saving efficiencies, and reinforced payment security.

However, Renewi's pursuit of excellence doesn't stop here. With an unwavering dedication to progress, Renewi is continually seeking ways to elevate their cash flow management, enhance customer satisfaction, further streamline processes for greater time-saving advantages, and fortify their payment security measures. This forward-looking approach reflects Renewi's resilience and proactive stance in staying at the forefront of operational efficiency and exceptional customer relations.

Through collaboration with partners like Unifiedpost, innovation, and a persistent drive for improvement, Renewi stands poised to chart a course towards even greater success.

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