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Collect is an innovative inbound solution for Procure-to-Pay processes. With Collect, your business has an all-in-one solution equipped for digitalizing all incoming documents.

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Streamlined digital transformation

Effortlessly transition from manual, paper-based workflows to fully automated digital solutions, saving time and reducing costs.

Enhanced efficiency and cost savings

Automate processing tasks, eliminate manual data-entry and reduce errors, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Seamless connectivity

Join a network of over 1 million participants, enabling smooth document and data exchange with suppliers, partners and customers.

High data accuracy and compliance

Leverage AI-powered capabilities for accurate data extraction, validation and compliant digital archiving, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.


What is Collect?

Collect is your innovative, artificial intelligence (AI) based inbound solution for procure-to-pay processes. Using just one all-in-one solution, your business can cover 100% of your suppliers. Use Collect to transition from manual paper-based incoming document streams to fully automated digital workflows. Your digital inbound documents and data will be received, matched, and processed without needing to change or adapt your ERP or accounting systems.

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How it works

How does
Collect work?

Collect simplifies your document and data management within the financial supply chain with three key steps:

Ready to streamline your procure-to-pay processes? Contact us today!

Take the next step towards achieving seamless and efficient procurement processes with Collect. Experience the benefits of automation, enhanced efficiency, and secure document exchange tailored to the needs of your large enterprise.

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Large Enterprises

Tailored solutions
for large enterprises

Customization and scalability

Collect offers custom options to meet corporate needs. It handles large document volumes, complex processes, integrates with existing systems, and is highly scalable and adaptable.

Data security and compliance

We prioritize security. Collect uses encryption and secure data transmission protocols. Our product complies with data privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA, ensuring data confidentiality.

Analytics and reporting

Gain insights with Collect's analytics & reporting. Monitor performance, processing times, exceptions & more to drive improvement & decision-making.

Customer support and training

As a corporate client, you get dedicated support & training resources. Our team provides onboarding, tech support & ongoing guidance to help you maximize the benefits of Collect.

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Value added services

Collect has a lot of improvement to offer for your business

Analytics and reporting

With Collect's Invoice Approval Workflow tool, you can seamlessly automate and streamline your approval process, eliminating complex and manual tasks.

Set up customized workflow rules based on your organization's requirements. Determine who the invoice should be routed to, define thresholds for automatic approval based on specific values, or create unique workflows for different suppliers. With Collect, you can tailor the approval process to fit your unique business needs.

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Purchasing Cockpit

The Purchasing Cockpit, an exclusive feature of Collect, empowers your business with automated document matching capabilities. Smooth reconcile documents and data for efficient processing. In cases where a full match isn't found, easily create rules to accept or reject the document.

Once documents are successfully matched, they effortlessly integrate into your ERP or accounting system, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating manual effort.

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Supplier invitation

Invite your suppliers to embrace a more efficient way of working through Collect's Supplier Invitation tool. Transition them from paper-based, manual processes to a fully automated, digitalized workflow. Experience easier document and data exchange and streamlined approval tasks.

For larger suppliers, take advantage of our tailored onboarding service. Simply provide us with the necessary information, and Collect will handle all the mapping for you.

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Certified e-Archive

Digitally store and archive your inbound documents seamlessly using Collect's trusted archival tool. Benefit from time-saving features such as digital search and filter functionality. Easily search by document type, customer number, dates, amounts, or specific metadata customized to your business needs.

Ensure compliance by automatically archiving documents and data according to your country's specific requirements. With Collect, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your archival process is taken care of, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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