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Environmental, Social, and Governance

At Unifiedpost, we are deeply committed to sustainability at every level of our organization. Our ESG mission is focused on two key dimensions: driving economic sustainable growth and fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

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Environmental sustainability

Streamlined processes, reduced paperwork,digital solutions, and R&D investments drive efficiency, sustainability, mobility, and innovation.

Social responsibility

Flexible work arrangements, comprehensive HR policies, ethical practices, and sustainability engagement foster well-being, inclusivity, transparency, trust, and community.

Strong governance

Adherence to conduct, effective board functioning, security, privacy, and rigorous vendor screenings ensure accountability, data protection, and ethical practices.

Positive impact

Our ESG commitment creates a positive impact on society, the environment, and stakeholders, driving continuous improvement, partnership for sustainability, and shared goals.

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Environmental responsibility

As a pioneer in creating a sustainable financial ecosystem, digitalization and innovation are at the heart of our business strategy. By streamlining business processes and eliminating administrative burdens, we help companies operate more efficiently, reducing paper usage and document transportation.

Our environmental initiatives include:
Embracing digital solutions to reduce paper consumption and promote mobility.
Setting targets for energy efficiency in our data centers.
Investing a percentage of our revenue in research and development.
Encouraging employees to join our #TeamGreen and contribute to sustainability efforts.
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Social impact

At Unifiedpost, we value diversity, inclusion, and work-life balance. We strive to create a workplace where employees feel respected, empowered, and supported.

Our social initiatives include:
Promoting flexible work arrangements and work-life balance.
Prioritizing health and well-being through comprehensive HR policies.
Providing whistleblowing channels and compliance frameworks for ethical business practices.
Reporting and committing to improving diversity figures across all levels of the company.
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Strong governance

We prioritize strong governance, integrity, and ethical practices to drive long-term value for our customers, partners, and shareholders.

Our environmental initiatives include:
Adhering to a code of conduct that promotes effective board functioning and value creation.
Maintaining an extensive information security program to protect against threats.
Embedding privacy principles in our business processes, products, and services.
Implementing privacy by design and conducting thorough screenings of vendors and partners.
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