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Manage from one central platform

At Unifiedpost, we understand the complexities businesses face when managing invoices from multiple channels. Our solution offers a powerful feature that enables corporates to receive invoices from any channel and manage them seamlessly from one central platform.

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Invoice reception from any channel

Our solution enables you to receive invoices seamlessly from various channels, including email, EDI, scanning, and more.

Centralized invoice management

You can manage all received invoices from different channels in one centralized platform.

Compliance with PEPPOL standards

Our solution seamlessly integrates with the PEPPOL network, enabling corporates to comply with international e-invoicing standards.

Seamless integration

Empowering businesses with advanced automation, centralized financial control, and streamlined invoice management.

One central platform

What we offer

Our solution empowers corporates to capture invoices from sources including email, EDI, scanning, etc., and centralize them. Advanced data extraction technology automatically extracts data to eliminate manual handling and reduce the risk of error.

Streamlined invoice management from a central platform

Corporates can now manage invoices from different channels in one central platform. This streamlines the entire invoice processing workflow, providing a unified view and eliminating the need for managing invoices through disparate systems.

Improved efficiency and control

By receiving invoices from any channel and centralizing them, corporates can improve efficiency and control over the entire Procure-to-Pay process. The centralized platform enables faster processing, better visibility, and enhanced data accuracy, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Smooth integration with PEPPOL network

Our solution seamlessly integrates with the PEPPOL network, enabling corporates to receive invoices electronically from a wide network of suppliers. This ensures compliance with international e-invoicing standards and facilitates efficient electronic invoice exchange.

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Learn more about Procure-to-Pay invoice solution

Ready to streamline your invoice reception and manage invoices from any channel in one central platform? Contact us today to learn more about our Procure-to-Pay & Purchase invoices solution and start simplifying your invoice management process.

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PEPPOL integration

Unifiedpost's PEPPOL integration

As a certified PEPPOL access point, Unifiedpost facilitates secure and efficient e-Invoice transmission via the PEPPOL network. Our solutions adapt to your existing infrastructure, enabling seamless data exchange in various formats and protocols.

This solution is part of our Collect proposition


With Collect, corporates can smooth manage their entire Procure-to-Pay process, including receiving invoices from any channel. By integrating 'Receive invoices from any channel' into Collect, businesses can experience a unified and streamlined approach to invoice management. Benefit from advanced automation, accurate data processing, and centralized financial control, all within the powerful framework of our Collect solution.

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