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Purchase invoices

Match purchase orders to invoices

Revolutionize procurement process with our "Match POs to Invoices" solution. Advanced data extraction and smart algorithms automate and streamline matching, improving accuracy and saving time.

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Advanced data extraction

Advanced data extraction technology for capturing and organizing relevant information from purchase orders and invoices.

Intelligent matching algorithms

Intelligent algorithms to compare and identify matches between purchase orders and invoices.

Accurate exception handling

Handling and resolving exceptions and discrepancies to ensure data accuracy and validity.

Streamlined approval workflow

Streamlined approval workflow with predefined rules and approval hierarchies.

Match purchase orders

How it works

Our solution utilizes advanced data extraction and intelligent algorithms to compare and identify matches between purchase orders and invoices, ensuring accuracy and validity.

Data extraction

Our solution uses advanced technology to extract data from POs & invoices, including details like item description, quantity, prices and supplier info. Data is automatically extracted and organised for processing.

Data comparison

Data from purchase orders and invoices, such as items, quantities and prices, are compared for accuracy via algorithms.

Match identification

System compares PO and invoices, flags matches and highlights discrepancies for review. Output is source language.

Exception handling

The system alerts when discrepancies in orders & invoices are found. Users review & take steps to resolve. This ensures only valid matches proceed for approval & payment.

Approval workflow

The system automatically routes invoices for approval and approval hierarchies. The streamlined approval workflow expedites payment cycles and enhances control over the procurement process.

Real-Time visibility

Users have real time visibility of each transaction in matching and approval process. The centralized dashboard for matched POs and invoices shows pending approvals and exceptions. Tracks progress, monitors performance and takes timely actions.

Integration with ERP systems

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems and financial software. This integration ensures data consistency and eliminates the need for manual data entry. It tracks matched PO & invoice data flow into ERP, enabling accurate & up to date records.

Experience streamlined procurement operations

Experience streamlined procurement operations and accurate purchase order matching. Contact us today for a demo and see how our solution can transform your procurement processes.

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This solution is part of our Collect proposition


As part of our 'Collect' platform, our 'Match purchase orders to invoices' solution streamlines procurement processes, enhances financial control, and improves operational efficiency. Experience seamless integration and comprehensive capabilities for procurement excellence.

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